C.E. Wilson is just amazing!! I get so excited every time I find out I get to read another one of her books!!! I voluntarily read a copy of this book and am giving this review because I want to give this review.
Malcom is doing time on a remote island in Alaska for a crime he committed, for all intents and purposes alone with his art. He has a neighbor he talks to a little bit and the guards who come once in a while to bring supplies and check up on him. His time is spent reflecting on his crime…until one day…

Verity Nine literally crashes into Malcoms prison, a tiny pink haired dream. Having been alone for so long Malcom is not sure what to do with her, not to mention how to hide her from his neighbor and the guards before they return. As time passes and they get to know each other, a friendship and possibly more starts to form.
Will their possibly more be a reality or will the circumstances tear them apart?
I think this is a must read!!! Another amazing book by C.E.


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